Rivers around Lussan

Fons-sur-Lussan is a commune located in the Gard department in southern France. While there is no major river passing directly through Fons-sur-Lussan, there are several smaller rivers and streams in the surrounding area. Here are some rivers near Fons-sur-Lussan:

1. Lussan River: The Lussan River is a small river that flows near the village of Lussan, which is close to Fons-sur-Lussan. It eventually joins the Aiguillon River.

2. Aiguillon River: The Aiguillon River is another small river that flows in the vicinity of Fons-sur-Lussan. It passes through the village of Aiguillon and joins the Cèze River near the town of Goudargues.

3. Cèze River: The Cèze River is a significant river in the region and is located a bit farther from Fons-sur-Lussan. It is a popular destination for swimming and canoeing. The river passes through picturesque landscapes and flows near towns such as Bagnols-sur-Cèze and Goudargues.

These are just a few examples of the rivers in the vicinity of Fons-sur-Lussan. Exploring the region, you may come across other smaller rivers, streams, and waterways that contribute to the natural beauty of the area.