Coffee course

Here’s the English translation of the Norwegian text:

How to do it
Follow our simple steps and get a perfect brew with a French press as the brewing method.

Brewing tips:

If you want a brew that leans towards being transparent and clean, you can advantageously skim off the top before pushing down the plunger. Use a spoon to “break” the surface by stirring the top layer of the grounds. The grounds will sink, and you can skim off the top with the spoon. Read more and buy French presses from Bodum in our online store.

Here’s how you do it:

3 cups / 0.3 liters of water
21 grams / 3 scoops of freshly ground coffee
Freshly boiled water
Scale or scoop
Coarsely ground coffee suitable for a French press
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Preheat the French press with hot water.

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Pour out the hot water and add coffee to the French press. For the best flavor experience, it is recommended to grind the coffee just before use.

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Fill half of the French press with freshly boiled water. Gently stir with a suitable utensil to moisten all the coffee grounds. Fill up with the specified amount of water.

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Put on the filter lid so that the spout is closed.

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Wait for four minutes before slowly pressing down the plunger. Some coffee may benefit from a slightly longer steeping time, but never more than 6 minutes. Flip the filter lid around so that the spout is open. Serve!


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