Apartment in Uzes Provence

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La Belle Vie is located in the center of Fons Sur Lussan, on the ground floor of a 17th-century house. In 2019 the apartment was fully refurbished and redecorated with a new Italian style bathroom with a large walk-in shower that gives the room a SPA-like feeling. The house has a coffee/tea bar and a sheltered ground floor kitchenette – it is in an open cave that stays fresh from the sun. Also, enjoy my fresh roasted coffee. During hot summer days, the insulation keeps the apartment fresh and noise free. The village has a superb épicerie, open seven days a week , just a stone’s throw away from the apartment. The living area opens out into a beautiful garden space with a private patio & fountain – making it the ideal place to chill out in the evenings with a bottle of wine. The house is mere minutes away from beautiful running streams and rivers, where you can swim or simply soak up the sun. There are two entrances to the apartment. You have your own private entrance directly to the apartment and there is a port in the garden that we only use for going out. We enjoy being able to make your stay as comfortable as possible, helping you find what you’re looking for in the area be it restaurants, rivers, hiking spots. we can also tell you about the hidden gems such as the night markets, fêtes, wine caves and some of the best places to visit in the beautiful historic town of Uzes and surroundings.